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And Down The Drain

First update of December, last update of 2005. Holiday's mostly prevented me from really doing updates this month. But I did manage to clean out the backcatalogue of music I had sitting around. Including a number of albums I had purchased on iTunes. Good to know that's all over and done with. I got a digital camera somewhere during the month (technically a gift for my wife, but I'm allow to borrow it) so expect some pictures in the coming year. First up - Monkey pictures. Because I have a number of stuffed Monkey's hanging around the desk area. And of course the Pets section will fill out fairly quickly too. And the on going quest to make the Music section all that it can be, part of this months update includes a number of cross referencing and such. I expect to do more as time progresses creating a vast web of links between people and projects so you can track all the cool stuff your favorite artists are doing. And of course add my wife's vast music collection to the online library of information. Until next month/year - adios. Have fun, try not to die.