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The Reggae On My Stereo
05/02/01 ~/~ 00000101

This update: 16 more CDs and the groundwork for continuous updates of decent size. I'm inputting faster than I can code the pages now, as I try and get my CD collection converted to MP3s quickly (I've got an iPod Shuffle on the way, weee). Only other news is my company sent me out for Access Program training.. and getting up at 0600 to get to class sucks. I hate the morning. Class was cool though. And that's two months in a row with updates on the 1st.. I think I'm starting a trend. Maybe i can make it a full year with continuous updates. We'll see.

Train Kept A Rollin' All Night Long
05/02/08 ~/~ 00000110

This Update: 18 more CDs plus a 3-Disc box set for a grand total of 21 CDs. And I spent the last two hours playing Diablo2 instead of uploading the website and working some more on it... Sometimes, you just gotta kill pixels. Next update should be of decent size as well, possibly another 20 CDs. I think I got the hang of this whole thing finally

Days And Days
05/02/15 ~/~ 00000111

Another week... 17 more CDs and a 10 Disc Box Set this week, completing my collection up to 'M'. Next week promises more of the same at the very least. The bird aviary I'm constructing is coming along nicely. That could be finished as ready for the birds to move into as early as this weekend. Possibly. The doors are causing me a bit of concern.. Other than that, nothing else has happened. Nothing at all. At least, that I'm sharing here.

You Want The Good Life!
05/02/22 ~/~ 00001000

Last update for February, 29 more CDs for a total of 93 CDs this month. Not bad, wouldn't say I'm moving fast and I've stopped speculating on when I'll finish.. But I can see the end in sight. Especially since I've motivation to get the collection burned to MP3s pending the arrival of a new iPodShuffle for myself. I doubt I'll finish by the end of March, but there's always hope. Really there is. In other news I'm almost done with the aviary (complete with pictures). I probably might have finished last weekend if I didn't break my drill bit. That's four on this project alone. Yeesh. Bad run of luck with that, I've never broken so many bits in so narrow a time. Anyways, I've next Sunday off so I'll most likely get it all done then. Until next week...