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With A Broke Wishbone
05/01/01 ~/~ 00000000

Added to the Music section: Nina Hagen, Herbie Hancock, Heart, Hedningarna, Holly & Jake, John Lee Hooker, Hüsker Dü, Billy Idol, Mari Iijima, Inefctious Grooves, Information Society. 19 CDs in all. Working on my Iron Maiden collection which is about 30CDs. I hope to have that up very soon.
Other recent tweaks, I've gone through and removed duplicate song listings, instead of seperate entries the 'album' column contains all albums a track appears on. And added some other bits to expand the Music section slightly. Other near future projects include Pets and Computers. Not sure which will be first. I have a project for the computers, mainly cleaning up the workspace they're on... I'll explain later when I'm closer to that. Also I've taken my mostly useless LiveJournal space and have decided to use it for fiction writing snippets. 2004, mostly good (got married, got a promotion at work) and some bad (long fucking year with too little done) so there it is. 2005, let's see what we can do.

Running Free
05/01/07 ~/~ 00000001

Added to Music: Iron Maiden. 32 CDs in all, twenty-five albums including one box set, twenty-four hours of music and 247 songs. Moving onwards I'm up to 'J' now, and 'K' contains my next big collection - KMFDM. I'll put more up in a few days, as 'J' is only 9CDs in total. Should burn through that.
I've been writing more lately, and taking time to work on the bird cage for the parakeets. Eventually all the computers will have to be shut down and moved so I can build a contraption to clean my desk up and fit more computers on it. Namely servers and a new iMac. And a camera for pictures, need one of those too.

Got The Time Ticking In My Head
05/01/11 ~/~ 00000010

Added to Music: Jackyl, Bob James, JCL, Jethro Tull, Jezebelle, Joan Jett, Robert Johnson, Richard Johnston, Stnley Jordan, Keoki, King's X. 13 More CDs, total of 64 since the first of the month. Now onto KMFDM, some 30 odd CDs, but more singles than the Maiden collection so it should be quicker. Seem to be getting on a good enough pace to finish this part of the sight quickly enough. Which is good because I have an ever growning stack of new CDs that I'm ignoring at the moment.
Almost done with the base to the bird cage, just waiting on a few more things there, like time to get it done. Then the computer desk, still getting parts for it, that will have pictures hopefully.

Just The Pilot Changing Gears
05/01/23 ~/~ 00000011

Sidetracked.. by the purchase of a 200GB Hard Drive last week, have been spending a lot of time turning my CDs into MP3s, so when I purchase an iPod (I'm looking at the little iPodShuffle, but there's a wait on those..) I'll be set. It's taking a while. My brother also managed to get a wireless connection up and running so he's online, we've spent some time playing Diablo2 online. That's the closest we get to hanging out now that we're a couple thousand miles apart. Plugging away at the CD collection to put it online, finished KMFDM, total 33 CDs. Am moving along moderately quickly despite not taking as much time on the site as before. And, if all that were distraction enough. We now have a Nintendo Game Cube and a Zelda game... damn Zelda games. Castlevania, Metroid and Zelda are my gaming downfall... can't resist them.

05/01/26 ~/~ 00000100

Tiny little update, five more CDs. But, the last update for January. Life has reached an interesting balance of suck and opportunity. Layoffs at work means I lost some of the people under me, have a new boss above my direct manager and a good friend of mine caught the bullet in his area. Which double sucks on that part, they didn't need that in their life at this time. Really. Remember kids, "Reorganization" is Corpspeak for "Layoffs." Other than that life is just peachy. The opportunity is that we have a chance to convince our big boss, who knows nothing of our industry, just how important our department is and he should bow to our demands. I will now listen to a lot of Motorhead and write short stories.