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Love Me When I'm Gone
05/07/04 ~/~ 00011010

Nothing this week... I'm looking into ways of redesigning the site using CSS. I have a bunch of new CDs I'll be putting up next week though. I'll be spending a lot of July messing with Cascading Style Sheets so probably have little to no new stuff for the website in the meantime. What I do update will be templates and design prototypes for Version4 of the website however. Like the archives for June's front page ideas.

Hey Man Look At Me Rockin' Out
05/07/12 ~/~ 00011011

Alright, five new CDs added to my collection! The new Bruce Dickinson, Static-X and System Of A Down. Plus two new groups - Yong Dubliners and Antigone Rising. Good stuff. Also, I did some updates to the RPGs section. I created a few export templates for the Hero Designer V2 character creator that are there as well as uploaded my character sheets, mostly in case I ever need them at a game and forget my flash drives. That's all, more next week, but not lots more as I want to start creating V4 which will require a couple weeks of basic code creation before I even do the revision.

Intended For The Faint Of Heart
05/07/20 ~/~ 00011100

Almost forgot to update this week... Latest news is I am officially working on Design Layout Version 4.0. I have stopped updates to this version of the website as of this week. In August, barring major disaster, I will launch Cellular Smoke Signals Version 4.0. It will have a single underlying premise: Maximum Information with Minimum Design Interferance which is my way of saying it will be a simple strait forward web interface with minimal bullshit. There will be even more uniformity in the website than the current design (which is a damn site more than previous versions). All current information will be ported to the new site, hence the reason I've stopped updates - I have done the redesign, now I must fill out the information. Also I am working on images for the site, I plan to spiff it up a bit with some better coloration than I currently have. See ya'll in Augst sometime (hopefully early).