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Yeah, You Push It
05/06/07 ~/~ 00010110

Behind schedule on everything... 16 CDs uploaded, leaving about 16 more before I'm done.. and I've already purchased more. Go figure. Went to Boston over the past weekend for my 1st anniversary. Very cool, love that city. Ate lots of seafood.. fresh seafood. Excellent stuff, there. I love seafood, need more fish in my diet. On that note, I've got to get more stuff done on the websites. More next week. Ciao.

Had A Great Time At This Place
05/06/15 ~/~ 00010111

Finally, done with all the CDs in my collection, the last 21 are up under the Colletion. Which leaves me to add all the tracks, a couple thousand, and all the cross referencing and such to be done. But now that most of the raw info is there I feel much better about the whole thing. I honestly expect another full year of messing with the music section before it's up to the standards I want.
Also, an update to the RPGs section, I updated my current MegaCity character a bit. Mostly in the form of character sheets since I found myself without them in the last game - doh!
Other: the Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo Anthology 2 is out NOW at iUniverse and Amazon, and probably other fine online order establishments! Go order it, there are a lot of really cool stories in it. Any fan of SciFi and especially Cyberpunk writing owes it to themselves to read this book. My friend Dave did hte cover art as well, which is a kick ass cover. That's all, byenow

Pretty Frozen Underground
05/06/22 ~/~ 00011000

Small update to the RPGs section and the history of updates from May. That's all this time around. Got some new music and some new music on the way, I'll get to that next week or the week after hopefully. Other news... there isn't much. I've started to kick interest into the ACC Anthology 3 - just at the discussion stage right now, but I expect something in the next few months. Nah much else going on, I'll have sporadic and minor updates through the summer... hope to flesh out some other sections of the site soon.

Killing My Head With Neon
05/06/28 ~/~ 00011001

There was going to be more on this update, there really was... it's not my fault. It's Dave's. I asked Dave if he wanted to do some graphics for the site because, well, I think it needs some more. He asked if it was for v4. Well, it wasn't. But.. see Dave said I needed to get into CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Last time I messed with those they were a barely supported not-quite W3C standard. In other words - all my knowledge was not only outdated but I had a bad taste in my mouth from it. But Dave, being Dave, gave me a website to look at and I've spent most of the last 18 hours learning CSS. So now I know CSS (mostly) and have to implement it - that's the hard part. And then redo the site in it. So ... yes, Dave, the graphics are now for Cellular Smoke Signals V4 (CSS in CSS, ha! I kill me). So what's on this update? well, my messing with CSS in the Words section of the site, which was the intended focus of the update to begin with. Not a lot there - I'm still kind of messing with CSS and such... One new story, new layout for the Words section and some pages done using CSS instead of HTML. (oh and a new front page layout.) Rock'N'Roll.