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Can I Play With Madness
05/03/02 ~/~ 00001001

Only 15 CDs added... not a very good start to March here. The update is a day late to boot. I meant to upload it last night, but was distracted. I've shifted focus just slightly, as I should have my iPod any day now and want all my CDs to choose from so I'm focusing more on getting them into iTunes and less on making pages in the music section... March might be a small update month. But.. I am almost done with the aviary and will develop pictures and post them the week it's done. Until later.. have fun.

Close Your Eyes And Hit The Throttle
05/03/08 ~/~ 00001010

Apparently I'm very busy. I'm not sure what I'm busy doing but whatever it is occupies most of my free time. Very little done this week, a meager 11 CDs for the update and nothing else. On the plus side, the aviary is coming along really nicely. I didn't have any time to work on it this past weekend, well not much time, so it's coming slowly as well. I need to figure out two things before it's complete - doors and an elevated platform for the food in the center of the cage. Putting the food in the center will result in less spillage outside the cage I'm hoping. Anyways... I love the iPod Shuffle and have no free time. Bye.

The One To Sing The Blues
05/03/15 ~/~ 00001011

This week is only nine new CDs added to the online listing. Not for lack of effort mind you, mostly for lack of apparent free time. My mom was in town over the weekend as well, so I spent Saturday split between working on the aviary and hanging out with her. Got a radio transmitter so I can listen to my iPod in the car, way cool. And work. Lots of work. One hellacious 13 hour day last week and another one that started at 0430. Bleh. Other than that, we're almost ready to go to press with the Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo Anthology 2. Finalizing the cover art this week and then sending it off. Wicked cool. Only took us 3 years or something. I'm off.

Get To The Gone
05/03/22 ~/~ 00001100

Ok, so this month has been particularly bad as far as updates. I've decided that the massive Song List will just have to wait for a bit while I get everything else in order. First step is to get all the CD and Artist info up. Second step is the song list and other assorted information. I've decided, for better or worse, to take on the Nan Desu Kan webmaster task. They've searched for the last four years for someone to do this for them and everyone who has stepped forward faded away just as quickly. So, since I enjoy web design and coding and it doesn't require I do anything but code webpages .. me and the Code Monkey's will do the NDK site. That took up some time this week as I assessed the current damage and worked to find a new direction for design and content.
With that in mind, and a request by my wife for a God-Eater email address, I've decided to also register some new domains. And then I'll transfer the bitstreamnet domain over as well. The new website will, in the near future, be, a server will be set up to host and will simply handle email and forward to the cellularsmoke address. I'm off to register domain names, switch service around and ultimately save myself some money (long story and bad descisions on my part in the past) with 3 domain names and hosting instead of 1. Oh, and 13 New CDs for the music section with a promise of at least 12 per upload until I'm done.

Kiss The Hand Of Genocide
05/03/29 ~/~ 00001101

I have officially switched domain names to Eventually the domain will autoforward to cellularsmoke so no links out there in nowhere land are broken. I'll be transfering the domain then cancelling hosting services with Earthlink this month. Yay to not paying too much a month for hosting!
As for the actual update, tiny image facelift to the front page to add a little pizzazz. I have also added 15 new albums to the Music Collection, totaling 18 CDs. I've also planned out the updates for the month of April to cover at least 18 CDs an upload. If I get ahead then that'll be cool. At this rate I should finish in June - a full year from the start of the upgrade to version 3 of the website.
I've almost finished the aviary for the parakeets, just need to add doors and move the little feathered squirts in. But right now I have to work on the Nan Desu Kan website. Rock'N'Roll