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But I'll Tell You This...
05/05/04 ~/~ 00010001

Eh, was hoping to finish out the band portion of the collection this week, got about half way. This week is 14 more CDs in the music section, leaving around 15 or so to input. Then I move onto the Compilations and Soundtracks which will be much easier to deal with - as soon as I develop the page format for them that is. After that I finish the song list and start on cross referencing and all that jazz. Along with entering the 30 or so CDs I've let stack up and not incorporated into my collection at large yet. At some point we'll start on my wife's CD collection and add that info to the site. Peh, it'll be a nice section when (if) I get done.
Other news.. there isn't any. I'm working on the NDK Website as well and will have the brunt of that work done by the end of May leaving me to focus on this site over the summer. At which time I will create the Pets section. The RPG section will be massively expanded in the fall. More writing will be added sporadically as well.

Tryin' To Walk A Strait Line...
05/05/10 ~/~ 00010011

Finished out the bands/projects part of the CD collection, for a total of 31 CDs. Totalling some 550 CDs in all. I started into the Compilations, and have reached a dilema - do I cross reference the compilations and bands as I go, or do I finish the soundtracks as well and then cross reference? I have a feeling I'll finish the soundtracks out before doin all that work... Mostly because then I'll only have to do it once. After that I tackle the great big Song List, that should be a headache and a half. There might be a skipped week of updates somewhere in all this mess.
Still haven't gotten the pictures of the pets or aviary done yet - so that gets to wait. I have gotten a new desk and with that may get the computer section up and running.. possibly. Then there's the question of my wife's massive CD collection and incorporating that.. this hobby is a lot of work!
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My Muddy Brow Is Dusty
05/05/17 ~/~ 00010100

Finshed the Compilation section in Music, another 37 CDs. Next is Soundtracks which is about another 30 CDs, should have that done next week. The week after that may be a skipped week as I finish off my collection, I have to take a break and finish the NDK website this month. After that I'm developing the pictures for the Pets section and building that. Then, who knows. There's a lot I'd like to put up here information wise. Until later, see ya.

I Like My Town With A Little Drop Of Poison
05/05/24 ~/~ 00010101

Almost done.. really. 37CDs on 35 Albums is the Soundtracks upload. Which leaves around 30 or so CDs to be integrated into the collection and I'm done, until I buy more CDs. Which should be really soon. After that it's onto some other things. I have yet to develop pictures for the Pets section, so when I get that done I'll have that section built. I will be gathering all my random written bits from all around and posting them to my website this summer as well. Probably in pieces as I find them. The music section is far from complete, but the main portion is basically there. It will be an ongoing thing, like most sections here hopefully.