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I'm Gonna Spit Broken Glass

November.. November has lots of cool stuff. First it Turkey Day! Ok, that's near the end of the month, second is I write a 50,000+ Word novel. Awesome! NaNoWriMo is the month, and that's all that really gets updated on the site because I'm usually busy trying to catch up to my plot. I do post the novel in progress to the site though, so go check it out. This year's is called Century Plague and isn't the usual High Fantasy I write. It's post-apocalyptic sci-fi modern fantasy with guns, motorcycles, vampires (not the usual kind, a different take altogether), and other monsters. It's gonna be fun. I hope.

They Say Go Slow, I Say Hell No

Almost forgot to update today... 17,200 or so words in the NaNo story. A bit behind where I want to be, but I've got some vacation next week to catch up and get ahead with. I'm not worried, I think I've got kind of a cool story this year, I've become more interested in finishing it than just making an obnoxious word count.

The Substance Substitutes Love & Affection

Caught a case of the blues this month as I wrote for NaNo, and switched work schedules. So I was lax updating the website. Last update of the month contains the full NaNoWriMo - I finished again though not a glorious finish. It feels less truimphant than previous years. Next year I'll be better! really. Anyways, that's all for now. Got a stack of CDs to incorporate into the site. More updates in December.