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The Radio Still Screams

Hooboy ... been neglecting, well, everything, for the first part of October really. But I'm back, and need to get my ass in gear. November is coming up soon and that means National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo. Always a blast and a creative kick. For the site, I finished out the Soundtracks section or cross referenced them all as well. I've got a few new CDs on my desk to get coded for the website as well. Beyond that I've start the long long process of listing each song and then creating lists of Covers and Remixes done through the ages by about everyone. I have an idea for that, really I do. I want to maybe set up a searchable database! Here I go getting ambitious. I think I'll need to learn SQL for what I want to do, possibly. Or at least XML which will be an experience. So, that may be a target for early 2006 since I don't get squat done but writing in November. Be Well, I'm off to do stuff.

Have You Been To The Desert?

Two updates in the same month, a week apart no less. I must be back on track. Only thing to add this time is some new CDs to the music section, and of course I went and bought some more, so I may have those for next week. NaNoWriMo is going to kick off in less than two weeks here so I'll be doing almost no updates in November - except to add my novel of course. I have to figure out a quick easy way to code my novel for the web though, working on that. This year I'm trying a plot outline method to the thing, see how that goes. After that I have some random plans swimming in my head but nothing concrete yet.

The Best Laid Plans Are Meant To Fade

Took a little extra time and didn't quite do what I thought I was going to do... maybe there will be another update in a few days, who knows. What I did do was severly reorganize the Role Playing Games section of the site so it was more friendly and easier for me to add things onto it. Don't know why i didn't make it that way before, eh. Anyway, there you have it. That's the change this time around, next up is the new music I got two weeks ago that I haven't added yet, a CSS Page using all the elements on the site so I can take "donations" of alternate schemes for use with the website. Ooh neat! And last but not least November is almost here so at least the begining of this years NaNoWriMo novel.