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Running Out Of Lives

Not a lot done, but I did manage to get 6 more albums added from my pile into the music section. That leaves only 5 more to go. I should get more music soon. I've added five new artists to the collection: Orb (ambient house from the 90s); Flyleaf (angsty rock); KRS-One (hip-hop legend); Charles Mingus (legendary jazz, amazing I never owned him before); Rebel Meets Rebel (Panter & David Allen Coe. how can you go wrong). I have a new project designed to get my butt to wor - my backyard. I'm taking pictures, I expect to have some stuff up next update to track my progress from disaster to beautiful over the next year. And that's all, back to Civ4 with me.

Real Tasks - That Are Demanding

Nothing new actually added to the site this time around. What I did do was convert the entire thing into PHP instead of flat HTML. This allowed me to us includes for the menu, so changing things will be easier. And will lead down the path to more dynamic updating in the future I hope; possibly using databases to create part of the site more intelligently. We'll see what I have time to lear and get ideas for. So many moons ago I remember HTML2 and man have we come a long way. Next update: actual content additions.