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Yours Is Not To Ask Why

November, came and went like a shot. I did finish the NaNoWriMo novel, this years is not available for posting though. I'm in the process of seriously writing it and editing it. I will post some NaNo info later (like the winners icon) in the month. What I am doing is a complete revamp of the Role Playing Games section. I've started writing reviews of Hero Books, dived into the RPG.Net Gaming Index and seriously started to write out synopsis for the various RPG games I'm actually active in (Four right now!), in hopes of keeping all the games strait. First revamp was the Gemini Ascendant game as it had the most info in the least number of places. Next is the New Champions game, which is being created from scratch. We'll see what happens after that in the new year.

I've Got Myself A Widget

Updates! Ok, a few things added this time around. First up is in the RPGs section, details for the New Champions campaign have been added. The section is still being worked on but the basic game stuff is all there. Next up in the NaNoWriMo section I finally got around to posting the 2006 Winner icon, but no story this year. I'm actually editing it and looking to possibly publishing it in the future. We'll see how that goes then eh? And last update is another new item, under Artwork called Sky And Other Things Cold. It's photographs of the sky I've taken, more explanation is found in the Artwork section. Currently I've only got a small bit up there, but I'm working on bringing it up to the current date. That's all for the last update of 2006. Next year I'm going to try updating three times a month, on the 10th, 20th and 30th (or 28th for February). I've got another new pile of CDs to add in as well over the next month. Hopefully 2007 will be much more productive than 2006 ended up being.