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Seconds Slowly Turn To Minutes

No new music this update! That's breaking a long record of some kind I think. A few corrections to some pages, an update on some, but nothing new. Waiting on a few paychecks for the new year to roll in before I spend out some cash on the list of music I've got.. but there's an Amazon Check Out Basket ready to go for it. So this update will entitle Monkeys! That's right, monkeys. Four monkeys in fact. Under Mental turbulence there's a Monkey! section, it has some monkeys. More are coming as I think of clever descriptions for them. About ten in total. Not many, but it's a fun thing. A piece of random mental debris from the mind of me. I've also started to update my LiveJournal daily with a series of thought/impressions as I walk the path of the new year. This year I work on my serenity level. I am starting to meditate again, something I'd skimmed on in the past three years. A digital camera may see me add more and more to the sight as the year goes on.

You've Been...

Finally, an update. Not much of one I'm afraid. Two new CDs and some corrections of file links in the RPGs section. I've actually got two projects in the works. First is a correlated index of all the HERO System game books. I asked the developer for copies of the indices and he agreed to let me work on the project. When I finish hopefully they see fit to post it to their Free Stuff section. All it is all the indices for all the books in one place. I got tired of not knowing where a particular rule, write up or exmaple was... Number two is working on and around the house which, of course, takes me away from the machines and no updates or work on the website can be done. So - it's been slow for actual web coding. That's it. Be back in a few weeks (or less) with more stuff. Hopefully more Monkey ideas pop into my head.