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The Morning After Again And Again

No new CDs this month. Not that I don't still have a stack to input ont to the web site, but I didn't add to it at least. Thankfully. What I have done it write, edit and add almost all of the latest adventures of my Iron Bay City gaming character - and another players character has done the same. Both have game session synopsis up on the site in the RPG/Campaignsd section. And in other news someone I met at ArtZone modeled a pair of casual loafers for the Vickie3 Power Model for my use, it's available in the Artwork section in case you want to check it out. For those that deal in 3D modeling they have no morphs but are fit to V3. And that's about it.

Don't Relax You're Not Home Yet

Not a lot this week. In fact just 4 CDs added. Why? Because I got uncreative, so I didn't get any writing done. And I bought Civilization 4. I'll be back next month. Maybe. Bye.