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I Can See You I'm Not Deaf

Still just drifting along. I thought I might have more done, but alas it was not to be. I did add some more CDs, unfortunately I didn't add more CDs than I'd recently aquired to my pile still grows faster than I can enter it onto the site. I've got a plan in action though, hopefully. What I have been up to is a lot of writing for my RPG characters. I'm writing a biography from the point of view of one character of her life for the past several years in the game. What I hope to do is post a chapter, or thereabouts, at the end of every month in this biography that chronicles the game. Once that's done it will pick up with synopsis' of the game sessions from their point of view. I have no idea how long this will take though, but it will take a good amount of time.

Gotta Get Another Hit Off Your Energy

Excitement this update... as exciting as it gets around here at least. Only another five CDs from the stack on my desk entered into the website database. Which still leaves 15 to go. But I don't have any money to order more in the near future so I should finish that pile out in July. Should. What I do have done though is a bunch of stuff in the Role Playing section. Several character sheet updates, campaign information updates (the Iron Bay City campaign) and... a bunch of stories for my main character in the Iron Bay game. I hope to put even more up as time goes on. Seriously this time. I'm most of the way through another Session Story and part way into the Backstory. The idea is Session Stories get updated on the 15th, and a new Backstory chapter goes up on the 30th. A plan, on track, ready to go. And since we only get two or so game sessions in between monthly updates I should be mostly up to date constantly on the site. No other stuff beyond the vague planning stage at this point though, so that's it. Bye.