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We Have A Nanosecond In This Spectrum Of Time

Five new CDs and some more stuff on the way. I spent the better part of the last few weeks updating The Ultimate Hero Index, a collection of all the indices from the Hero Gaming Books. It's available at the Hero Games website. I'm also really starting to get the hang of DAZ3D and hope to have some images worth posting soon. That's it for now.

No Sleep Till...

Busy last couple of weeks, thankfully 31 days in the month gave me an extra afternoon to work on the website. Five more CDs (the stack of additions is down to under 2 dozen) and a small update to the RPGs section. I added an image of my main character Sarah in the IronBayCity Campaign, I've been playing with DAZ3D lately. That's taken up tons of my time really... That and some writing. And generally just being lazy. I'm not feeling motivated at all this year really. Just kind of plunking along. And... that's it. All done. See you on the 15th when I add yet more CDs to the site and maybe some other stuff too.