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Tell You A Thing

Never got a chance to upload yesterday, so here we are. Not a lot has been added this time around. A Few game session synopsis in the RPG section, and links to to some Hero Designer Exoprt Templates, the character creation software for the Hero System. I spent a good part of my free time in the last two weeks creating an Export Template for OpenRPG; which is a nightmarish little online RPG tool. I do have several new CDs to add, as I do frequently. One of which is the latest Front Line Assembly "Artiificial Soldier" which is an excellent industrial album. And the latest Iron Maiden "A Matter Of Life And Death" which is just awesome. Both albums are crushing works, some of the bands best efforts to date as each escalates their sound to new heights. Good stuff, recommend both. I'll have them all added next update. Beyond that: nah much, have fun until the end of the month.

Everybody Everybody Shouting Fit To Wake The Dead

Finshed adding the last of the CD stack I had, ten new albums. Which means I need to get more music obviously. I've also added a new Campaign and Character to the RPG section. I got into an online Star Hero game (finally! A non-super game!). So that information is also up. Beyond that I recently aquired an old laptop that is running Ubuntu Linux. As soon as I get Java5, Python, ORPG and a few other items running on it I will have a Gaming Computer. Which will be nice to take to game sessions and conventions (should I start attending those again). And a good excuse to buy all of the Hero System books on PDF! And that's that for this update. More later.