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Sometimes I Drive

Four Updates in and row and on time. I'm setting some kind of record, I know it. Five new albums added to the music section, including two new artists; Assemblage 23 (goth-industrial) and Jesse Cook (rumba-flamenco guitar). I've settled on a nice pattern of about fifty new pictures for Sky & Other Things Cold per update, which should put me perpetually a month behind schedule. But with thumbnail and image that's about one hundred files per update on top of anything else I decide to update. The good news is I should enver be lacking for new content unless by some miracle I get caught up, but even then I'll always have a backlog of at least ten days worth of photographs to upload. And of course, at fifty pictures that averages to about ten days anyway. Maybe during a vacation sometime I'll find the time to do a double update. I also have a lot of RPG content I want to put together and upload in the near future.

Can't Keep These Fellows Down

Fifty-Five more pictures added to the Sky project. Four more CDs added to the Music section. That's all this update, hopefully I'll have more exciting and varied updates soon. I have idea. Always dangerous.

If I Only Had A Brain

Seventy-Eight pictures added to the Sky And Other Things Cold project, which is the rest of January. I'm working on February now, hopefully to have most, if not all, of the entire month uploaded in the first March update. I decided being perpetually behind and done sometime in March wasn't going to cut it. So I upped my schedule, and got some tools to help me work a little faster. I also added the last five CDs sitting on my desk to the collection, which catches me up there.