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Through A Week, All Through Our Lives

Not as much of an update as I'd have liked. I've only added Sky pictures from December 1st thru December 6th; a total of thirty-one pictures. The next update should have a lot more to it assuming I can scrounge some more freetime. Or really just sit down and work on the site for an hour a day.
In other news, not so good news, the gaming group I'm a part of in the Gemini Ascendant game lost a player. Dale Ward, playing the ships engineer Milo passed away on December 28th. It was rather abrupt and the group is still reeling from the news. The game was online, and I've never met Dale in person - but you can get to know someone over the internet quickly. And I'd like to call Dale amongst my friends, may he Rest In Peace.

Say The Word Webcore Webcore

Not a big update, but a lot of files. I've added photos to Sky & Other Things Cold in the Artwork section. Fifty pictures of mostly sunset from December 7th through December 16th. I also managed to sneak in three album additions to the music section, leaving fourteen unadded to date. Next update I hope to add another fifty or so images of sunsets, I have no idea what date that will bring me to, the end of December at least I hope, but I doubt it, and a few more CDs. There are some other projects I want to get done and added to the site as well.

All Leather And Charms

One hundred and ten more images added to the pictures of the sky, which gets me caught up to the end of December 2006. I've got a system down now, so hopefully catching up January will only take me one or two updates, and then into february before that month is even over. The idea is that by no later than March I'm doing only the previous ten days worth of sunset pictures taken. After that I concentrate on getting the music section caught up and the role playing section caught up - both of which are being worked on so the initial updates may be of decent size. So, next four months or so is planned out more or less.