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Moving Back Instead Of Forward Seems To Me Absurd

December was a cluster-fuck, but we're in a new year. Since the 11th I've been messing with the backend, and uploading as I go. The official Update will be considered to be Jan 15th, but it's been on going since Jan 11th. I did take some of the time in December to learn some SQL and more PHP, and hope to become proficient in both as the year goes on. According to the host provider I'm only allowed 10 Databases, so I need to make 'em count. One will be for gaming, already in place. Another for the music collection. The unfortunate part is that I cannot work on the databases remotely, I must work with them online. Which is fucking annoying as the PHP interface online is for total shit. I can create an offline database, and then upload it but there's a 2MB limit, and I'm afraid the music one may exceed that eventually. I don't know though. Time will tell. This year I plan on cleaning up the backend of this site a lot more. As well as trying to create new content, I have a feeling the large music collection will be my focus.
ghost 08.01.15 Update 00000001

Rock Rock 'Til You Drop

Ok, been way to long. I've been engaging in a running firefight with PHP in various interactions with my music database. Finally some help got me what I want and need and I shall march inexorably forward. If I can get the pacing correct I shall be update frequently as I rebuild the music section from the ground up. Which means at first it will shrink to 0, and then grow quickly to a full collection. The stumbling block now will be translating the Japanese CDs. Yeah - that'll be fun. In the meantime, no actual update beyond information. I hope to obtain a good clip as March cranks into full gear. Just a few formatting issues left to workout at this point and I'm off like a bullet. I'm also working like mad to transcribe my gaming sessions into readable and coherant stories to share. I hope this to be a productive and good year.
ghost 08.02.29 Update 00000010

Sinking Towards A Dark Line Of Trees In The Distance

What a slow year. I've gotten the music database backend off the ground, but data entry is slow. Mostly I'm juggling three projects at once and am giving equal time to all three, so no one is moving along at anything but a glacial pace. By the end of April at least one of those projects will be wrapped up though. I've entered a mere forty-six albums into the collection, a tiny sum to be sure. Still, over five hundred tracks. The problem is I've not as much face time on the home machine as I'd like to work on this. I should just pony up and buy a laptop. Though now that the ground work is in I may just add to the database every five to ten days even if I don't put anything up on the front page.
ghost 08.03.31 Update 00000011

Expect That I May Lie

Minor update - no new music. Though I have been working on it, just not uploading the results. I am finally near completion of the long and time consuming task of translating the Game Session Logs for my Star Hero game. These are raw chat logs converted into a readable format. There are, as of this post, seventy of them. Nineteen are up. The next thirty-five to follow at the end of the month hopefully, then the rest in early May. Which will put that project to rest - except for the ongoing portion but that is minor in comparison to working with the last year and a half of weekly logs. I'm off to make art, because that's a new project that has come up. I'm full of ideas, it's time I lack.
ghost 08.04.16 Update 00000100

But So Far Has Not Been Good

I actually did an update on 4/30. I just didn't update the front page. I fixed the Art section so it uses the new menu system - all a backend programming fix to make my life easier. And I built an entire section dedicated to one of my RPG Campaigns, but didn't actually link it from the main site. The RPG section needs a complete overhaul anyways. No new music added, at least not uploaded. I'm slacking in that department. It's kinda sad. Oh well. Updates are not more along the lines of when I get a page done I upload it instead of waiting and uploading a bunch at once. Moving kind of slow these days in some regards.
ghost 08.05.02 Update 00000101

Rolling Down Rodeo

If you follow my Live Journal you know I've been leading up to a year long project that will force me to complete several projects at once across the year. A daily update of something, though the schedule itself is still slightly nebulus. In order to really get this going I was going to add a Word Press aspect to the front page so I could update it as a BLOG instead of the current method of editing the INDEX and adding it. Along with that I was going to discontinue tracking the History page insofar as it is now. Instead the History will track Start and Stop times for various projects, and major updates. But Word Press is not nearly as intuitive as I first thought, I'm sure it's not hard, but it will require more than two hours to learn to design from the ground up with it. To that end I am locating a Theme that doesn't completely offend me (and trust in that most of them do), for the Web Novel which will be a separate section of the website specifically for that. I'm also quickly adding and updating various other sections and subsections to create a diverse whole, familiar but not the same. For now, Live Journal will suffice for daily information, and major design thoughts for this part until I get a Word Press piece up and working as I like it. LiveJournal: Gorzilla.
ghost 08.05.31 Update 00000110

Wearing A T-Shirt That Says I'm With Stupid

I've been updating this and that. I screwed up the music database and lost some work. And then I realized... many of the updates I've done haven't hit the site - why? Because I never uploaded the artists pages. Der. So, those are up and I'm changing tactics on the music. First, enter all artists, upload all artist pages. Then starting adding albums. The artist pages and info in the db is about 50% of the work anyways. So I'm really rearranging the work load to make any on CD entered look less arduous. And I'm adding some bits to the artwork section right now too. And I will figure out how to make this front page Word Press so I can update it more easily. That's all for the moment.
ghost 08.06.16 Update 00000111

Like A Slug From A Forty-Five

I've spent the last two days, most of the last two days, doing a complete site redesign and reorganization. The backend was completely cleaned up, removing all the old menu references and simplifying the menus structure. I've made more intelligent use of subdirectories as well. And I changed the color-scheme up to remove the red/grey and replace it with purple. This will makes things all kinds of easier to update going forward. I plan on updating things almost daily, though not always posting to the front page. My LiveJournal will have the most current information available of what I've been up to. I plan on some day trying to get a WordPress front to the site, but I don't have the time to properly sort through their documentation (which is NOT as simple as it should be) to get it done correctly. So this is Version 5 officially.
ghost 08.06.21 Update 00001000

Clean Slate

Updates to the website are moderately frequent in all honesty. Most information is going over on my Live Journal page though. I'll only really post here when Major Updates occur. I should probably fill this space out with a front page About blurb or something huh? Maybe later this month. Added Gaming Book Reviews to the website now. I've only uploaded 18 of the some 100 odd ones I've done. But formatting goes moderately quickly so I expect to have the rest up by the end of July.
ghost 08.07.08 Update 00001001

The Rhythm Takes The Flesh

Slowly things go. I spent a week at the GenCon gaming convention this past month. Actually I spent two days driving out to Indiana for the four-day convention, and then a day driving back. Readers of my LiveJournal know all that though. Everything else is chugging along like a try making it's slow way down the tracks. I'm working on this and that part of the site in more or less even bits. Some music stuff this month, and some more RPG Book reviews.
ghost 08.08.31 Update 00001010

One Of Us Will Bend The Knee

Sloooooowly things go. I've implemented a draconian schedule on my useage of time. Much like I did for my monetary budget at one time. It worked for my cashflow, I hope it'll work for my projectflow. We'll see. Latest updates: more music added (finally), updated the 52Pin Up section, and corrected a spelling error or two. Updates will be more regular with this time management system.
ghost 08.09.29 Update 00001011

My Muddy Brow Is Dusty

Long Time No Post. October was... just kind of sucky altogether. I didn't get a lot donek, and just kept putting off writing an update for the website. November is NaNoWriMo, which occupies most of my free time. I finished the novel on Thanksgiving day, a few days after I wanted to have it done by. So, here I am back behind the keyboard looking forward to actually making progress on this website in some fashion or another.
ghost 08.11.28 Update 00001100

Which One Of These Words Don't You Understand

And that's 2008 all done and gone. Like usual I started off with some decent momentum. But around late spring I just became depressed about a whole bunch of everything, which lasted pretty much through the summer despite my efforts to kick start myself by overloading my brain with projects. One of the projects persists, the others have abated somewhat. With some luck I can pick up at least finishing the Music Database this upcoming year. Other plans involve adding recipes to the website as I've really started to push myself to do more home cooking. Continue to add to and update the RPGs section. And force myself into some kind of writing project - even if I bounce around in stories and subjects.
ghost 08.12.31 Update 00001101