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Culture Is The Predator

2008 had only 13 Front Page update blurbs. Part of that was that I started to regularly update my Live Journal account again. Part of that was just not actually doing as much with the website as I'd have hoped. Despite actually learning MySQL and PHP to an extent this time last year just so I could update my webpage more regularly. Several projects were started, some aborted, some lay dormant, some continue. The first few weeks of 2009 appear to be going the way the back half of '08 went. Gotta kick myself into gear here. I aim for a minimum of two updates a month with what I've added or adjusted on the site. We'll see if I can keep this goal this year around. So far a few little updates here and there have been made. Some is better than none.
ghost 09.01.15 Update 00000001

Just Doin' The Best I Can

I spent the last week or so really working on the music database, which is a slow going process of dat entry. As a result I'm up to around one-hundred albums entered, which is something like 5% done or so. Something at least. And some other little tweaks here and there on the site as well. As time allows. I've also been creating a Fantasy Hero RPG Camapaign - plagued by loss of players, players unable to get to the sessions, the usual signs of a gaming group about to self destruct. And it's an online game no less. A few players are having connectivity issues, one has back surgery, a few others it's job related. Too bad. But, that's all I got for this month.
ghost 09.01.31 Update 00000010

Tequila In His Heartbeat

Sloooowww Month. I've started to GM a Fantasy Hero game, which means a bunch of prep work to get the game off the ground. Which is what I've spent most of my free time on in the last three weeks. So nothing really serious has been done with the website. Hopefully I'll get a chance to work more on it seriously in the next few weeks.
ghost 09.02.17 Update 00000011