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Version 6 is not a massive redesign. Mostly a revamped front page, and a recolor of the entire site. Done June 25th 2009 for the majority of it, the recolor took a few hours to get a scheme I liked.

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June 30, 2009
Site Upgrade Upload of Version 6 Templates

Original Front Page Message

Welcome to Version 6 of Cellular Smoke Signals. This website serves no serious purpose on the web. I sell nothing, and advertise even less. With this update I'm not even going to post updates to the front page anymore, aside from updating the status of currently running projects to add content to the site. My Livejournal account contains any nuggets of wisdom I have to bestow, and any information regarding either this site or my life. And it's updated more frequently than the front page ever was. So what's really here? Just stuff that I use to amuse myself with, things I like to share with the very few people that even know this site exists. But mostly, I'm doing what I've always done - taking up space on the information highway.