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Late 1995 to Mid 1997 - Angel's Domain
A site called "Angel's Domain" is placed online and is contained on both Geocities and Angelfire homepage sites. The Geocities end contains mostly anime related items, the Angelfire side contains everything else, which isn't much. Both sites die in obscurity by January 1997. I've forgotten the addresses, they may even still be out there, who knows. Between January and June of 1997 I obtained a job as a Web Designer for a small company in Rhode Island, I'm hired to do their initial web site and my personal site starts to get redesigned over that period though it is never online. This is when I came up with the name "Bitstream Productions."

June 1997 - Bitstream Productions
This is when the domain name "" itself was purchased and the initial site comes online as "Bitstream Productions" with the idea of selling myself as a "web site designer", within six months it actually lands me a job as a "Head Graphics & Layout Designer" for a very smal.l starup in Denver. Where I realize I never ever want to do site design or graphic arts for a paycheck or for other people. In this vein I jumped into and out of the 'DotComBubble' during it's height and well before it pops.

Mid to Late 1998 - The Matrix
Right before I move to New Mexico the site name is changed to "The Matrix". Within a year the movie by the same name comes out, I spend much of 1999 trying to figure out what to change the name to. I didn't want much association with the movie in my site. I also didn't do a lot with the site itself, I spent most of 1999 getting back on my feet after leaving New Mexico abruptly.

Somewhere in early 2000 - Cellular Smoke Signals v0
Site named changed again to "Cellular Smoke Signals" but no actual site redesign is done beyond a new banner image. Still not a lot of updates being done, some changes are made to the art section and I manage to elimate all uses of Frames on the site.

August 27, 2001 - Cellular Smoke Signals v1
Current Site Put Online: Cellular Smoke Signals Version 1.0 (all previous incarnations are collectively considered Version Zero). Dirt simple, updated moderately often with small bits.

June 23, 2003 - Cellular Smoke Signals v2
Version 2 upgrade is started. Through the upgrade several changes are made resulting in mid-upgrade version updates from 2.0 to 2.1, Frames are added back into the site design.
August 20, 2003
Version 2 upgrade is completed and online, final version is 2.2
December 07, 2003
Version 2.3 upgrade is done, including some minor behind the scenes rearrangement of directories and revamping the front navigation section.

April 20, 2004 - Cellular Smoke Signals v3
I stop updates to completely redesign the site at this time. It started as a simple expansion to the RolePlayingGames section that caused me to think that the whole site needed a similar face lift. I do one update in May to place a notice that the site is in fact being redesigned to Version 3.0, less than a year after Version 2 which I didn't much like to be honest. The frames are kept, but reduced to allow for more veritcal Body space. All site coding is to prepare for the new upload which will includes every page on the site.

July 2005 to August 2005 - Cellular Smoke Signals v4
In July I decide to completely rescope the site itself. Switching from pure HTML to CSS/HTML and away from Frames as well. The entire site gets a completely universal design under the philosophy: Maximum Information With Minimum Design Interferance. The tone of the site is lightened up colorwise as well. The CSS will allow for simple asthetic changes to be done on a continuous basis without major layout redesign. A reorganization reduces the number of overall pages while providing more information.

August 2006 - Cellular Smoke Signals v4.1
In July I had a need to update the side menu, which led to a dilema - it was static code on every single page. Almost seven hundred HTML files. In order to make a change I had to change every single page, by hand. I knew PHP coould allow for dynamic file calls, and set about to learn enough to do a PHP Call on my web pages. So the site had a backend change to convert all the pages to PHP and call up the Navigation Menu. The added benefit is future menu changes require me to change the appropriate menu file and uplaod it and every page reflects the change. No other changes we made to the site, but it did require a complete reupload.

June 20-21 2008 - Cellular Smoke Signals v5
On June 01 of 2008 I started a year long project to create some kind of work or update on a daily basis. As part of that I put "Fix The Fucking Site" on the list as it was a quagmire of backend crap and disorganization. So over a two day period I set about really cleaning things up. I put all the Menus into a single TXT file for any web page to call through PHP and just echo the appropriate part of the menu, I also cleaned up the organization so I needed less menus in the text file - moving things into less subfolders, and using them more intelligently. I also redid some of the colors a little bit, the red/grey getting kind of old. It took two days because I had already started a slow migration in this direction, by slow I meant glacial. So I forced myself to work until it was done.

Page By Page Update History

I've already stated that I don't keep old pages around. But I do keep track of when I update any given page and when it goes online. Which is what the following pages are - a history of the updates done to the website on a page-by-page basis. This is an interesting snapshot of my life at the time, the larger the update tended to be, the more spare time I had to dedicate to the site. It's organized by version then by year. Some of the pages are very long due to massive ongoing updates, notably around Site Version changes. Which have occured on a more or less yearly basis. As time goes I find writing down each and every webpage I update a complete pain in the ass. So I stopped and just started tracking which sections I uploaded to and how many pages I added or changed. Much easier on me.