Mental Turbulence

This is a section dedicated to any weird mindfuck type stuff I can come up with. Experiments in design, layout, ideas, concepts ... stuff. Out of whack, in whack, side whacked and just kinda whacked things that hit my imagination and I perpetuated into reality. Though, not all of it is mine, usually I had some hand in it to some degree.


Most people who know me assume I have some really weird fascination with Monkeys. They are right. Monkeys are cool. They are a lot like us. I have no idea what the actual brain damage is, but the word Monkey is cool in and of itself, and thus - MONKEY! A side effect of this is I have started to accumulate a number of monkey figures and stuff monkeys. So ... pictures and descriptions of course!

Expensive Lies

It's samizdat of sorts ... we all post to usenet (we all being anyone who can post to Usenet, specifically alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo) and collect the articles and every six months or so see what we've got and some of us will take it print side. There's no set format so any given print can have any number of variations. It's being collected in this space as one spot, others may appear. It's there to challenge the faltering and dying Cyberpunk Revolution. We're really just a bunch of punks and geeks who choose to write into the genre instead of just read it.


Noise was a one time single page piece containing a story written by a good friend of mine (the Master Slack, also known as Joe) and some shit I wrote that makes little sense (and probably wasn't supposed to) super-imposed over several images, some images are mine, some his. I was working with Cascading Style Sheets and Layers when it was first introduced, which is why this came about. And the CSS probably doesn't work very well, if at all, in modern browsers as it uses poorly implemented CSS1 from way over a decade ago.

The Evil Co.

Evil Co. website. This is one of many many redesigns for the Evil Company Home Page. Joe did the actual design and I put it up on my server for a while. Then he redesigned it before really finishing this version off and found another server. Unspoken rule at the Evil Co. is that when the site is redesigned you find a new place for it, not update the old one. Our very first design is still up at Geocities and still gets hits. Lots of them. Which is wierd since it hasn't been updated since early 1996. Go figure.