A glimpse at some very rare monkeys. A few of these species are thought to be extinct, but I have proved otherwise with many dangerous trips to uncharted territory, trusty digital camera in hand.

Code Monkey

code monkey

A relatively new species, the Code Monkey inhabits computer rooms and programmers houses throughout the world. Code Monkey's speak and think in Binary, though most learn several foreign languages such as Java, HTML, C++ and even dead languages such as COBOL or Fortran. Many programmers and Sys Admin's will leave out food for any Code Monkey's inhabiting their area, with coffee, as it is unwise to anger a Code Monkey - for they will destroy your code beyond repair with their subtle arts.

pirate code monkey

This is a rare picture of a Code Monkey prepared for battle, or at least to wreak havoc in some poor Sys Admin's servers. The only way to placate an angered Code Monkey with with copious amounts of premium coffee freshly roasted, ground and brewed with loving care.

Albino Assassin Monkey

albino assassin monkey

The Albino Assassin Monkey of South East Asia is a rare sight. Masters of numerous martial art styles it is a little known fact that they are responsible for teaching Shaolin Monks and Kung Fu masters. Albino Assassin Monkeys, never content with what is are constantly looking to expand their styles. An example is Drunken Style which emerged when a small group managed to get a hold of a case of Schlitz.

Caribbean Lounger

caribbean lounger

The Caribbean Lounger Monkey was once a common sight on the islands. Hundreds of these small monkeys could be seen lined up on beachs relaxing in their chairs and catching some rays. It was from this species that man first learned the wonders of Rum! Sadly today, mostly due to resorts taking over their natural habitat, the Lounger Monkey is a rare sight. Sometimes you can find a group trudging through the forest, chairs in hand, towards a small uncharted beach.

Long Legged Traffic Monkey

long legged traffic monkey

The Long Legged Traffic Monkey can be determined by it's rather vivid coloring, Orange for Safety. They are quite swift and able to move between fast moving vehicles with ease. They are most at home on freeways with many fast moving vehicles. They make their homes high up on the tops of streets lamps and under overpasses.