Art: Written Word

This is a collection of fictional works. Most of them are mine and are copyrighted material. Anything that I didnt' write is noted and is posted with permission from the author. This is not everything I've written, but it a good portion of it. Some things I am keeping and polishing up for publication in the future. Or, some things are just so horribly written they don't actually deserve to leave my diskdrive. I keep bad stuff around to remind me how Not to write - very important - but I certainly don't share such epic errors.


National Novelist Writers Month. Every November a large number of very determined writers start writing. From the 1st through the 30th they toil and creating at least a fifty-thousand word novel. In 2002 I joined there ranks and have participated ever since. It is a frantic pace, and not as easy as it might look. I've had my good years and my bad ones - but I always make the goal. I have posted my endeavors here to read - unedited in all their massive typo ridden glory.

Short Stories

My short stories and a collection of story scenes. Most of them are from the Cyberpunk subgenre of Science Fiction.

Poetry & Prose

Not much actual poetry here, some random prose. These are not actual stories - more like chunks of mental debris I got out.

Collaborative Works

These are works that were done in a collective manner. Either a group of people added onto the main story or they are a series of stories written in a single timeline or shared world.