Art: Written Word

Collaborative Works

These, so far, have all come from the writings of Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo. They are efforts of many members of the group and anything and everything is posted with their permission.

Cooperative Stories

These are single stories with multiple contributors. In the tradition of true collaboration and total chaos first one person writes and without consulting anyone else the next person writes the next scene or continuation of a scene. It gets all rather broken very quickly but is a lot of fun.

The Grey And Chromed

And occasionally a group gets together and writes a series of stories that all connect. The Grey and Chromed is one such set of stories. What is 'The Grey And Chromed'? It is a collection of short stories revolving around the concept of What Happens When You're Nearly Immortal? The underlying concept is of the characters involved coming to grips with their old age. Being one hundred and thirty or more years old is something new to them and the world. The main characters of this plot are almost all of the first generation to be affected by longevity drugs, massive body augmentation and even full body replacement. Set in the near(ish) future in a world not unlike that of Neoromancer or any number of 'cyberpunk' books. This group of people call themselves the Sentinels. Designating themselves to safeguard their descendants and each other. We hope you enjoy the works, some are solo efforts and some are cooperative efforts of two or more authors in the group.