Art: Written Word

Hit Life

Hit life doing a million miles an hour while standing at the top of reality screaming with everything you've got eyes searching for that perfect nothing mind reeling from an overdose of creativity and the dream stops suddenly doing zero with a lead weight release comes in the form of pleasure disguised as pain and hate mixed with fear love is no longer an illusion of a dream sent by the ghosts of a child's future brought on by the lies of a promised adulthood designed to get you to the end of it all in one last gasping breath you hit yourself repeatedly in a metaphorical sense for not seeing anything coming no matter how little control you had because everything was all planned out you had it all right there in the palm of your hand as things go sliding out of control how many times have you heard this before how many times closed behind a locked door and shout back with the force of a hurricane crawling out of the hole the rabbit jumped into the cusp of all your dreams broken and shattered lay there in pieces on the floor the brass ring you missed and got the copper one instead wondering if it would be better to have the tin because someone has to lose and history always remembers the first and last but never the middle holding up the structure of time standing on the fabric of your own minds knitting putting itself back together maybe you could just once have an answer please or maybe get something right because everyone around you is happy and successful and better off and living their lives with no self doubt but we never see past their eyes into the loathing they hold for you as you realize the life they want with unlimited energy of creation in a mind strapped down by flesh and steel pound your fist into the glass on the ground blood flows out through the sounds of your own screaming as you stand there at the top of reality still doing a million miles and hour.

Copyright © Gordon Feiner