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Art: Written Word

Short Stories

A collection of my short stories and various story scenes. Some are using recurrcing characters, most are just stand alone writings. These are usually first or second draft versions of the stories. Some never make it past the first draft and get a real edit. Which means there are usually plenty of spelling or grammar mistakes, sometimes both. Usually I get the flow and pacing the way I want it before ever making it public, so it's usually never a horrible read. Unless you don't like the way I write, in which case you probably want to be in another section of the website.

Stand alone and unconnected short stories.

PurpleWind and SolidEarth are a set of recurring characters that I use. I've never named them in the stories, since that detail would get in the way of the story being told.

Story Scenes - unconnected to anything in particular.

Items written as articles, not a style I visit often.

Trace is my story in the Second ACC Anthology, before the full story there were the small bits posted to Usenet. The following are the unedited pieces and bits that gave way to the eventual story in the book. The story is presented in Arcs, they're chapters that are stories unto themselves.